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Manufactured Products

Manufactured Products


Our products can be found in many manufactured products

D&B Components recently received several contracts to manufacture from start to finish, modular display units that end up in a well known sporting goods chain. These components consist of wood trim and decks specifically designed to slide onto steel frames with no pegs or plugged holes visible. We have also been producing high-end desk tops and drawers for a well known western Michigan furniture maker for several years.
Other products that we have been producing for many years include arm rests and end panels for stadiums and theaters, glued-up table tops and feet for custom designs, custom chair frames using mortise/tenon technology, seat pans and lap trays, and simple blocks for multiple uses.

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Lighter Side

Some African Baobab trees can store more than 25,000 gallons of water in their trunks.
With age some have become hollow and have been used as homes.  One was even used as a bus stop and could shelter up to 30 people.