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Custom Design Services

Custom Design Services

D&B Components, LLC provides Design and Engineering support to our Customers.

Providing economical solutions during design will reduce overall project costs. Customers count on us to help improve quality, decrease costs and reduce lead-times.

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to know all the characteristics of the many and varied materials used to build today’s furniture. With materials such as wood, steel, plastic, foam, fabrics, and more all being brought together to create your unique designs, D&B can help you bring them all together. We combine all these materials, to bring you the strongest products while protecting the aesthetics of your design.

D&B has a growing reputation for building difficult designs. Have you had difficulties with other woodworkers either not understanding or simply not being able to build your product? If so, let D&B show you what an educated and experienced woodworking company, with the right equipment, can do to make your most difficult projects flow.

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The blackest wood in the world is Gabon Ebony.