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Formed in 2003, D&B Components is still true to it’s mission

About Us - LocationD&B Components, LLC was formed in 2003 by Linn Boerman and Mike DeVries. Together they had nearly 50 years experience in the furniture industry. With so many companies sourcing their large quantity purchases to overseas suppliers, Linn and Mike saw a need for a wood component manufacturer who could supply the industry with quality products, short lead times and the ability to produce smaller quantities with fast set up times.

In 2006 Mike decided to pursue other opportunities. So the partnership split up. Although Mike is no longer involved in the business Linn and Mike still conference on industry trends and possible directions for the company.

Today D&B still manufactures components for the furniture, cabinetry and automotive industries using CNC machining center, point to point boring, assembly presses.
Recently with the addition of full service finishing capabilities, mortise and tenon joinery and panel assembly, D&B is producing partial and fully assembled and packaged products ready to ship. D&B’s quality program has allowed customers to ship their products directly from D&B to the end user.
While still staying true to its original mission, quality, short lead time and fast set up for small quantities, in the years to come D&B will continue to expand offer more materials and more options into more industries.

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The whitest wood in the world is Holly.