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We know that consumers are increasingly seeking “green” goods and services that do not compromise the health of our planet. Consumer awareness and demand for environmentally and socially responsible goods is at an all time high and that is why D&B Components..

Innovative and Creative

We do not simply take a customer print and build from it. We work very hard to explain processes and procedures that will show our customers ways to save money decrease lead time and improve the quality of their products.The trick for most woodworkers is to find..

Exceeding Our Customers Expectations

D&B Components is here to provide the industry with top quality products while providing superior customer service. OUR MISSION: A manufacturer for the furniture, hospitality, cabinetry and automotive industries for wood and plastics, D&B Components strives..

D&B Components is a Wood Dimension Mill with CNC Technology

Assembly and High End Finishing (i.e. Glazing, Marbling, Crackling and Gold & Silver leaf) capabilities

Located in Holland, Michigan D&B produces product for the Furniture, Cabinetry and Automotive industries throughout the Midwest and Canada. We use our Design and Development expertise to bring your products from ideas, to production, to your customers.

FSC Certified
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The world’s tallest standing tree, a Redwood, is in Humboldt State Redwood Park California. It is 368 feet (almost 37 stories) tall.