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Innovative and Creative

Innovative and Creative when it comes to processing materials

We do not simply take a customer print and build from it. We work very hard to explain processes and procedures that will show our customers ways to save money decrease lead time and improve the quality of their products.
The trick for most woodworkers is to find the right machine for the right function. Flexibility is critical depending on the type of production you are doing. Determining the range of materials and processes to be used are just two of the factors our customers consider when choosing us as their woodworking shop. Processing parts quickly and efficiently, while at the same time maintaining quality is every woodworker’s goal. Having the right machines help us reach that goal. Here at D&B, we have the right machines, tools, processes and people to process varying materials for our very unique range of customers.

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Lighter Side

Up until a few years ago, the world’s oldest living tree, a Bristlecone Pine, named the Methuselah was in California.  It is approximately 4,600 years old.  Now there may be at least two trees that are older.