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FSC Certification

FSC® Certification


We know that consumers are increasingly seeking “green” goods and services that do not compromise the health of our planet.

Consumer awareness and demand for environmentally and socially responsible goods is at an all time high and that is why D&B Components has made the commitment to support sustainability by obtaining our FSC Chain- of-Custody certification.

In the United States, consumers interviewed consider sustainability to be one of their decision making factors and are now “leaning green”.
For many consumers, sustainable considerations become a tie-breaker when all other factors are equal. Because of this effect, sustainability characteristics can drive a certain amount of product switching.

Even during an economic downtrend, American consumers indicate they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible products today.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification opens up a new supply of lumber from responsibly managed forests to help meet the growing demand of green building projects.

FSC is the global standard-setter in responsible forest management. Chain-of-Custody certification guarantees that wood that comes from certified, responsibly managed forestlands is tracked throughout the supply chain, from the forest to the consumer. Conscientious consumers can look for the FSC logo on wood products and know they are supporting forest management that protects biodiversity and supports local communities.

The area of FSC certified forestlands has nearly doubled in the past three years. The growth has opened up an increasing supply of certified wood products including lumber, paper, furniture and decking from responsibly managed forests. Increasing consumer interest in FSC certified products ensures that forest operations have economic incentives to manage their lands responsibly.

FSC certification protects forests better than even governments can.

FSC Certified
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The Kingfisher Story


KingFisher Birds are beloved around the world, with more than 90 species occupying a wide vareter of habitats,. They are recognized by their large heads and long beaks, and known for their keen vision and colorful plunage.

Kingfishers are widely rogonized as indicators of environmental health. By the same token, they are vulnerable when their habitats are destroyed. Some species are theatened with extinciton, primarily due to forest clearance and degradation.

Certification to the FSC’s standards for respnsible forestry, as represented by SCS Kingfisher, is a viual expression of our proven commitment to environmental protection and responsible resource management.

Lighter Side

The world’s largest living tree, and this is because of its volume is the General Sherman Giant Sequoia, located in Sequoia National Park, in California.  It weighs a little over 2.7 million pounds.  Its largest branch is 6 foot 9-1/2 inches in diameter.