Why Choose D&B Components?


Here at D&B we have a growing reputation for being able to produce complex products in a very competitive industry.

We are located in Western Michigan, and pride ourselves on the great customer service and satisfaction that this area is known for.

Our business strives to continually produce quality products in a timely manner. We are progressive and innovative in order to keep pace with our customers ever changing needs. In the past year we have added finishing capabilities and became FSC certified.

We are here to assist you the in design and development of new and/or existing ideas. We offer inventive and original ideas when it comes to processing various materials, and will offer cost and quality improvements based on our experience. We have on-site capabilities to shape and create parts from both wood and plastic for the furniture, hospitality, cabinetry, and automotive industries. Our products range in design from simple blocks to complete assemblies.

We understand that most customer concerns lie with cost, quality, lead time, customer service, and continuous improvement. Therefore, it is our goal to become your “go to person” for all your manufacturing needs.

Interior Furniture Parts

Lighter Side

The town of Flagstaff Arizona was named when on July 4th, 1876; lumberjacks stripped the limbs from the tallest Ponderosa Pine and then flew the American flag from it.